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Sun, Sea, and Slaughter: Top Ten Horror’s to Watch This Summer
June 18, 2022

Sun, Sea, and Slaughter: Top Ten Horror’s to Watch This Summer

1- Midsommar (Directed by Ari Aster, 2019)  Dani (Florence Pugh) travels to Sweden with her anthropology boyfriend (Jack Reynor) and his friends to celebrate the town’s annual Midsummer Festival.  Ari Aster may have begun drawing heaps of attention thanks to his incredibly dark short film The Strange Thing About the Johnsons (2011), but it would […]

June 4, 2022

Top Ten Must-See Troma Movies

1- The Toxic Avenger (Directed by Michael Herz & Lloyd Kaufman, 1984) A measly nerd (Mark Torgl) residing in New Jersey finds himself transforming into a ginormous monster after falling into a barrel of toxic waste. If there was one singular film totally synonymous with the entire Troma legacy, then the film at hand would […]

Slasher - Design detail
May 13, 2022

Top ten must-see slasher movies from the 1980s

1- Halloween II (Directed by Rick Rosenthal, 1981) On All Hallows Eve babysitter Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) has to fend off Michael Myers, a masked crazed killer. Since the events, Laurie has been taken to hospital to recover from the dreaded attack, but Myers refuses to go down without his revenge.   Time and time […]

April 30, 2022

Cyber Horror – 6 must see films

1- Spree (Directed by Eugene Kotlyarenko, 2020) @kurtsworld96 (Joe Kerry), a fame-hungry blogger is over the exhausted trends on social media, from unboxing hauls, reviews, day in the life tags, and tutorials- Kurt has tried them all, but to no avail, his shot at internet fame falls flat. However, he concocts a fatal plan using […]

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