Review – Infinity Pool (spoiler free)

Coming from the strange and dark mind of Brandon Cronenberg is what is most likely to be 2023’s most lavishly viscous film, Infinity Pool. With its salacious themes and even more explicit visuals, Cronenberg’s latest adventure into the darkest depth of the human psyche has racked up quite a reputation. Countless connections have been made surrounding the film’s similarity to Parasite (2019), The Menu (2022), and even the smash hit TV series The White Lotus (2021-). However, whilst Ininfity Pool takes the satirised elite elements in its stride, the film is so incredibly bleak and crushing that any straight ties to other works are fruitless in describing just how effective Infinity Pool really is. 

The film follows Em (Cleopatra Coleman) and James (Alexander Skarsgård), a young couple desperately needing a getaway as they retreat to La Tolqa, a private beach resort. However, instead of the expected rest and relaxation, the trip soon takes a turn for the worse as they come across the mysterious Gabi (Mia Goth). 

Cronenberg has that unique talent of creating such a sensual yet complicated atmosphere, bursting at the seams with many metaphors and fleshy symbolism. Infinity Pool transfuses every frame with foreboding dread, making the viewer crave the unfolding terror. The audience dives straight into pure scopophilic terrains by the film’s climax. Further espousing Infinity Pool’s measures of stunning extremity is the film’s somewhat unhinged plot that remains shocking even after a second watch. 

As Em and James retreat deeper into the chaotic narrative, the film becomes a tightly wound bundle of absurdity where gut-wrenchingly raw and harsh truths thrive. Infinity Pool is best described as a cinematic enigma that has to be experienced.

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