It goes without saying that we’re huge fans of Fangoria here at Dead Northern. So here’s the low down on the January 2022 issue!

  • FANGORIA’s January cover features the new SCREAM! 
  • Our cover story is a conversation between Radio Silence (Tyler Gillett, Matt Bettinelli-Olpin, and Chad Villella, the filmmaking team behind the new film), and franchise creator Kevin Williamson.
  • This issue will also look back at the entire history of the franchise (and just to earn that cheeky cover, we’ll include an article about the not-quite-real Stab film series).
  • This cover is going to SUBSCRIBERS ONLY. Our newsstand cover will be different! 
  • Folks must subscribe by December 19th to get the exclusive Scream cover. They can use the code STAB5 to get 25% off a new subscription.

Get your subscription to Fangoria here

More info about Fangoria Vol 2 #14

Other articles in this issue include a conversation between Scott Derrickson, C. Robert Cargill and Joe Hill on THE BLACK PHONE, a set visit from THE LAST THING MARY SAW, an interview with Lucky McKee on the 20th anniversary of MAY, a retrospective piece on the 100TH ANNIVERSARY of NOSFERATU, and a candid chat with the lovely and talented Devon Sawa (CHUCKY), covering his journey through the genre. Issue 14 also contains a round-up of the best deaths of the year, and the list of nominees for next year’s Chainsaw Awards. The issue also features new original art by Vanessa McKee and Spicy Donut (Devin Lawson). 

Again: this SCREAM/STAB 5 cover is a subscriber exclusive, which means you can only get the issue by subscribing to the mag for a year. Our newsstand cover will feature an entirely different image, as is our custom since issue 11. Considering our last subscriber cover (from only one month ago) is now selling on eBay for over $200, and considering SCREAM is the most eagerly anticipated franchise jump-start on the horror landscape, you might want to subscribe before December 19th to make sure you get this exclusive cover.

In case you missed it, you can get your subscription to Fangoria here

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