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Ever wondered what you’d really like to happen when you die? There’s a deathwish for that…

If there’s one lesson to be learned from watching thousands of horror films is that those characters could really do with some life insurance. Flesh eating zombies, vengeful birds, xenomorphs bursting out of chests… they don’t have it easy.

And although we are very unlikely to die in one of those elaborate ways, there are even worse horrors to be had… like being buried in a scratchy sweater or Barbie Girl blasting out of the speakers as your final goodbye.

Life: 100% mortality rate

… Unless you’re known as ‘She-Who-Must-Be-Obeyed’ (no, your wife is most likely NOT immortal but good question!) or have ways of brewing an elixir of immortality, chances are you’re not going to live forever. Yet, despite this over 80% of people have nothing written down about their deathwishes. It’s sad to think four in every five ghosts will leave their own
funerals in disgust. We’re not prepared to sit around and let this happen.

Happy ghosts all around

The DeadHappy deathwish option allows you to express exactly what you want to happen when you die and weave those wishes into your life insurance policy – whether it’s sending your mates on a paranormal expedition, throwing a Halloween themed wake, or leaving
some money to pay off that mortgage. That way you family knows exactly what to do with your payout and you move into the afterlife as a happy ghost.

And just imagine how many vengeful ghost hauntings could be avoided if we all left things exactly as we want to!

Get me covered

*Zombies, vampires and other members of the not alive, ever living club need not apply.

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