Walters brain freeze – Cider and Hibiscus Summer Cocktail

Cider and Hibiscus Summer Cocktail.

So, being our first post I think we should start with something simple. A nice cider cocktail made up of a few simple ingredients. Cider (obviously), I’ve used Thatchers Haze Cider, Monin Hibiscus syrup, and some crushed ice. Oh, and don’t forget the Walter Dead Northern Glass Skull, you’ll see a lot of him around here and there’s a story to be told about him at a later date.

It’s worth mentioning this is a drink for those with a really sweet tooth, you could tone it down with a dry cider. No matter how you make it this is a drink that goes down far too easy on a summer day.

So without further ado, Dead Northern presents –
Walters Brain Freeze.


Thatchers Haze Cider (Or cider of your choice)
Monin Hibiscus syrup
Crushed Ice
Large Glass – Ideally a glass skull called Walter


Chill Everything, no point in starting with warm ingredients.

Crack open the can or bottle of your chosen cider and pour into an oversized glass. Walters head space is 1 litre so more than enough space for the drink and ice.

Crush up some ice. If you’re lucky enough to have a fancy fridge then good for you but we had fun using the smash the crap out of ice from the tray method. Once you have a good amount of ice stick it in the glass with the cider.

Take your Hibiscus syrup and slowly pour on top of the crushed ice. We just eyed the measure but it was about a single 25ml measure.

Let the Hibiscus flow through the broken ice and settle at the bottom.


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