This week in horror: 15.08.21

Host director Rob Savage unveils details about new film with Blumhouse Productions

Host was certainly the most talked about film of last year, with its soaring reputation going down in horror history. Rob Savage’s feature debut soon gained buzz amongst major production companies, particularly Blumhouse Productions. When news broke last year that Savage had set up a three film deal with Blumhouse everyone was more than excited to learn more about this upcoming hit, especially since he joins forces yet again with Host writer’s Gemma Hurley and Jed Shepherd!

Although the details have been kept very much underwraps, it has been revealed that the title of his second feature is Dashcam. Based on the sneak preview image, Dashcam is presumably conveyed as vehicle dashcam footage. The innovative filming technique is very similar to the desktop method used in Host, but this isn’t where the similarities stop as Dashcam is kept short and sweet with the length only totalling 77 minutes. 

Dashcam is set to premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival this year. 

Head Count’s Elle Callahan brings us ‘Witch Hunt’’ 

Head Count was one of the most surprising horror’s to come out of 2018. The looming atmosphere coupled with impeccable performances, and tense thrills quickly gained buzz within the horror community. Now, the mind behind Head Count, Elle Callahan delivers another soon to be success ominously titled ‘Witch Hunt’. The film follows Claire (Gideon Adlon), and her family who help fleeing women across the border to seek asylum in Mexico.

However their operation meets a bitter halt when they are stopped by witch hunters. The reviews have definitely aired on the positive side with Callahan cementing a strong reputation as a young horror auteur. Audiences can now get a taste of the action as Witch Hunt will be released via video-on-demand on the 1st October, in perfect time for those Halloween movie marathons. 

The latest ‘Scream’ earns itself an R-rating 

Scream 5 has been the talk of the horror scene ever since its production began in early 2020. The return of Ghostface is getting closer and closer as it is scheduled for release in early January 2022, however, the question lingering on everyone’s minds has surrounded whether or not Scream 5 will carry on the series reputation of getting an R rating? Our questions have finally been answered as Scream producer Chad Villella has revealed that the fifth installment will be as gory as it gets. 

Filming on Chucky wraps

Everyone’s favorite maniacal doll Chucky will be back later this Halloween as the upcoming Child’s Play TV series ‘Chucky’ has finished filming. The series will go back to the earlier days of the franchise as Jennifer Tilly reprises her role as Tiffany, Chucky’s devilishly dark companion. Whilst the return to what made Chucky so iconic has been welcomed by fans, the show will also dive into uncharted territory as the episodes will take a focus on Chucky’s unexplored backstory. 

Chucky will premiere on October 12th on SYFY.

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This week in horror – News round up 05.09.20

This weeks horror news round up comes from Grace at Film Overload!

Overview: Arrow Video’s Frightfest 2020

This year’s Frightfest reigns different to the past, with it taking place virtually. The online festival line-up included 25 films (seven world premieres and 16 UK premieres). As usual the menu of films included a selection of soon to be top hits such as Ivo van Art’s well received The Columnist and The Swerve (Dean Kapsalis, 2018).

The collection of films was entirely varied with stories from Canada, Australia, UK, Netherlands and Brazil, allowing for a broad range of films to emerge, particularly the hilarious hidden gem of the season Two Heads Creek (Jesse O’Brien, 2019).
Frightfest’s usual energetic brigade of guest appearances, Q&A’s and film showcases were not left out, despite the fact that the event was held online; in fact the comfort of watching from home was not overlooked.

New uncut trailer for Cronenberg’s Possessor lands

Possessor is a sci-fi horror film directed by Brandon Cronenberg, if the surname sounds familiar it’s because the infamous David Cronenberg is Brandon’s father and his influence is not ignored, with intense body horror and brutality exhibited throughout. Possessor follows a secret agent who inhabits other people’s bodies via brain-implantation to perform assassinations for her clients.

The film explores loss of identity and control over one’s own actions. The set up has been praised due to its originality and stand out performances by the impressive cast including Andrea Riseborough (“Mandy”) and Christopher Abbot (“Piercing”). The trailer definitely highlights the startling enigmatic atmosphere Cronenberg has established, with a background of stylishly choreographed violence and gore all lit with a sense of dystopian reality.

The New Mutants fails to live up to long awaited expectations

Josh Boone’s The New Mutants has not been dealt an easy hand, with a repetitive delayed schedule constantly pushing its release date back. This may have edged up the hype surrounding the film for a while, but the anticipated release has been considered a let down by many. The reviews are not all negative, yet many audiences feel the horror potential it had was overshadowed by its origins within the X-Men franchise.

The New Mutants was marketed as a horror take on the saturated supervillain genre (similar to last year’s Brightburn), however the scare tactics have little hold over the exaggerated action sequences and overt Marvel cliches that have grown tiresome.

The reaction is not entirely surprising as one of the reasons for the delay was due to the studio (20th Century Fox) requiring the film to be almost completely reshot after such negative responses. Unfortunately a lot more than a reshoot needed to be completed to save The New Mutants.

First teaser for Blumhouse Productions Amazon Prime horror films coming this Halloween

Blumhouse Productions seem to appear in many of the latest horror releases for years, with their investments creating hits such as The Invisible Man (Leigh Whannell, 2020) and Halloween (David Gordon Green, 2018). Blumhouse will release a total of eight films directly to Amazon Prime. The series of films is aptly titled ‘Welcome to Blumhouse’ and from the first look that was released this week horror fans will be in for a treat.

The teaser trailer promises an unsettling journey into fear, with a glimpse into each film’s chilling disposition. The four films coming soon are ‘The Lie’ (Veena Sud) which starts Joey King as an impulsive killer, ‘Black Box’ (Emmanuel Osei-Kuffour Jr.) which explores the temptation of reversing history, ‘Evil Eye’ (Elan Dassani and Rajeev Dassani) which is produced by Priyanka Chopra and deals with the consequences of parental suspicions and ‘Nocturne’ (Zu Quirke) which explores a musician’s Faustian pact to supersede her talented sister.

The first four will be released on October 6th just in time for Halloween, with the other four films premiering in 2021.

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Halloween Kills – release delayed to 2021

David Gordon Green and John Carpenter released a statement yesterday (8 July 2020) announcing the release of Halloween Kills has been pushed back a year to October 2021 due to the current Coronavirus pandemic and its effect on cinemas worldwide.

This sequel had been eagerly awaited by horror fans after the release of Halloween (2018), was a clear return to form and set the stage for the latest trilogy.

See below for their full statement.

Jamie Lee Curtis took to social media to express her sadness in the one year delay:

I am as disappointed as you are. Mostly because the movie the David has created from the characters that John and Debra created Is a masterpiece. Prescient and powerful. I promise you it will be worth the wait.

John Carpenter took to twitter just hours later to reveal the first tease trailer for Halloween Kills. This may just keep you hyped during that long wait – take a look below:


Jamie Lee Curtis – Directorial debut with Eco-horror ‘Mother Nature’ at Blumhouse

The original scream queen Jaime Lee Curtis will make her directorial debut with ‘Mother Nature’ a horror film as part of a three-year deal with Comet Pictures (Lee Curtis’s own company) and Blumhouse Productions.

It should come as no surprise to horror fans that Lee Curtis is working with Blumhouse, as they produced the 2018 reboot of Halloween a direct sequel to the 1978 classic, forming a new trilogy.

Very few details have been revealed about the project, we do know the movie is centred around climate change.

Jason Blum, Blumhouse CEO and founder, said: “Jamie is a force of nature and was a real partner on Halloween. So it’s both an honour and incredibly apt that she’s making her first feature film as a director with ‘Mother Nature’.”

Here at Dead northern we cannot wait to see how it turns out!