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Halloween Pumpkin Twist

It’s Halloween and that means Pumpkins!

Is there a more iconic fruit than the pumpkin when it comes to Horror? The giant orange squash has starred in more Halloween movies than Jamie Lee Curtis!

But let’s be honest for a moment? Who actually likes eating Pumpkin?

Sure, there’s a host of artificial pumpkin “flavoured” sweets, treats, and drinks that hit the shelves every Halloween, but they taste about as much like pumpkin as grape soda tastes like grapes.

Yet every Halloween millions of us purchase a pumpkin and set about scooping the goopy, sticky, seedy mess into bowls and start carving a spoopy Pumpkinhead. Only to stick it out front of our homes until it rots. Then it either gets lobbed in the bin, vandalised, or at best a compost heap.

In an age when we’re expected to be conscious of our waste, there’s no excuse to buy food with the sole intention of chucking the edible part and leaving the shell to decay.

There is another way! One that’s quite literally greener! The melon! There are so many to choose from, but our favourite is the watermelon. Just as much fun to carve but you’re left with sweet, juicy fruit and we’d wager that there are more fans of melon than there are of pumpkin.

And it gets better. There are a coffin load of watermelon cocktails, such as Sangira or Piña Coladas. So if you’re planning a halloween party they’re the perfect alternative to the pumpkin.

What ever fruit you choose. Have a fantastic Halloween!

Food and Drink

Walters Fragile Skull

Have you ever wanted to know what it feels like to have a skull made of glass? Read on…

Absinthe, Absinth, Absinth. Is it legal? Will it make you go mad, lob off your ear and gift it to a hooker? At 69% Alcohol does it kill Covid? Does the Hulk bleed it? Can you clean the grime off the engine of a 1991 imported Mk2 Toyota MR2? And how long will a friend lie in the fetal position on a driveway after drinking 3/4’s of a bottle?
All good questions. All questions we have no idea what the answers are.
Well, with the exception of the last two, which are, yes, but it’s an expensive way to clean a car engine. And, around 3 hours give or take.

So if you’re planning on a lie down on a driveway or fancy taking a dive into post-impressionist oil painting you’re going to need;

  • Absinthe (do check it’s legal where you are)
  • Glasses (we used a massive glass Skull called Walter)
  • Sugar cubes (like the ones you feed to horses)
  • A Slotted Spoon (our slotted spoon came with the bottle of Absinthe)
  • An Absinthe fountain or some means of dripping cold water

We’re going to go out on a limb here and say that you don’t have a traditional Absinthe fountain, they are bloody cool though.
We are going to assume you have a sink with a tap.

  1. Pour 1oz/30ml of absinthe into your glass
  2. Place a slotted spoon over the glass, put a sugar cube on it and slowly drip water over the top so it dissolves into the glass. You should look to have about four to six parts water per one part absinthe.
  3. Give it a stir and “enjoy”

Other methods involve fire. Which we’re not going to tell you how to do because we don’t like lawyers, even if they’re defending us from you because you got drunk and burned your house down.

The last option is to just fill a shot glass and neck it. Just don’t you heathen.

What ever your chosen method you can be sure that you’re going to feel like you’ve got a fragile skull the next day.

Food and Drink

Walters Peg Leg – Spiced Rum & Woody Coke


50ml measure of Dead Mans Finger Spiced Rum
200ml bottle of Coca Cola Signature Woody
A handful of crushed ice
A large glass – Ideally a glass skull called Walter


Pre Chill the Rum, Coca Cola Signature Woody and Glass
Stick the crushed ice in the glass
Pour the 50ml of Dead Mans Fingers Spiced Rum over the ice
Pour in the Coca Cola Signature Woody
A quick stir

Food and Drink

Walters brain freeze – Cider and Hibiscus Summer Cocktail

Cider and Hibiscus Summer Cocktail.

So, being our first post I think we should start with something simple. A nice cider cocktail made up of a few simple ingredients. Cider (obviously), I’ve used Thatchers Haze Cider, Monin Hibiscus syrup, and some crushed ice. Oh, and don’t forget the Walter Dead Northern Glass Skull, you’ll see a lot of him around here and there’s a story to be told about him at a later date.

It’s worth mentioning this is a drink for those with a really sweet tooth, you could tone it down with a dry cider. No matter how you make it this is a drink that goes down far too easy on a summer day.

So without further ado, Dead Northern presents –
Walters Brain Freeze.


Thatchers Haze Cider (Or cider of your choice)
Monin Hibiscus syrup
Crushed Ice
Large Glass – Ideally a glass skull called Walter


Chill Everything, no point in starting with warm ingredients.

Crack open the can or bottle of your chosen cider and pour into an oversized glass. Walters head space is 1 litre so more than enough space for the drink and ice.

Crush up some ice. If you’re lucky enough to have a fancy fridge then good for you but we had fun using the smash the crap out of ice from the tray method. Once you have a good amount of ice stick it in the glass with the cider.

Take your Hibiscus syrup and slowly pour on top of the crushed ice. We just eyed the measure but it was about a single 25ml measure.

Let the Hibiscus flow through the broken ice and settle at the bottom.